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It was never your fault, it was theirs.


An Early Win in the Never Ending War

I think healing for me is very much about the restoration of freedom and the ability to exercise my power, and nurturing the parts of myself that have suffered the most from sexual violence. But there is no part that is not affected, when our bodies and our very being are under attack. As a defiantly out, loud and proud, fat queer woman I have been gleefully taking up space and challenging gender norms since I was toddler and the moving men called me Butch, much to my mother's dismay. Because I have had to do much of my healing recently in iso...


Sexual violence is not foreign to my Black Queer body, despite my inability to always verbalize the violence that I have endured. My first experience of sexual violence started at the age of seven. Despite the trauma endured, I am resilient and the possible of healing. Throughout life I have learned the value of advocating for self and discovering true community. I am proud to share my story and to help those who desire healing just as I did/do.

Taking ‘time for yourself’ does not always mean spending the day at the spa. Mental health may also mean it is ok to set boundaries, to recognize your emotions, to prioritize sleep, to find peace in being still. I hope you take time for yourself today, in the way you need it most.

I Thought My Body Wasn't my Own

It is not your fault. You are enough. You are worthy of healthy love.


For me there was and is no healing.

Empowered and Free

May my words have the power to inspire, uplift, and encourage others who may be going through challenging times. Sharing my message of hope can help create a ripple effect of positivity and kindness. EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN.

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